You should never buy these used electronics.

silver and black hard disk drive

The global market is huge so are there products that include used electronics circulate each and every day, this includes both new and old products but hey! you should be extremely careful when you go online and buy specific used electronics from second-hand buyers due to the health and hygiene risk that may be involved, the worst scenario is that these diseases may be transferred to you. There are some items you should simply recycle or buy new instead, or at least seriously consider.

Between hygiene and security concerns, there are some tech products and devices that are best kept off online stores. Either they won’t fetch a high selling price, aren’t good value buys or should be avoided because of the gross factor alone. There are, of course, some exceptions more on those later on. These items are as listed below:

Portable hard drives

Computer hard drives and disk are the hardware that is mostly used to back up your laptop’s files and media hence this vital data may find itself in the wrong hands if you have not properly erased it. You can buy a brand new quality 1TB Samsung hard drive from Amazon at $82(KSH 8,260) or buy the Toshiba 1TB from Jumia Kenya at KSH 6,190 and if you are a fan of Transcend you can buy at Ksh 6,450. It’s better to dig deep into your pocket and get a high-quality product that may last for years as compared to buying substandard electronics.

silver and black hard disk drive used electronics

Earbuds and earphones

To my opinion and assessment, earbuds and earphones should not even be shared between two people imagine the amount of ear wax and dirt that one person has and then he transfers it to you, that’s very nasty I highly recommend that you properly sanitize these accessories but it’s not even worth it since they may get them and then one side stops working. It’s better that you buy the new gear I wrote a full article about the best earbud to write click here to read.

black and white headphones on white table

Over the ear headphones

Sanitizing over-ear headphones isn’t an easy task. The earpads can soak up your sweat, for example, or develop crusts of dead skin and grease shed from your face. Most models don’t have a way to swap out the ear cups. The same goes for the headband. The idea of wearing headphones that are covered in your own sweat, dandruff and odors is one thing, but wearing something that’s covered in a complete stranger’s particulars? No, thanks. 

Personal hygiene products

As obvious as this may sound you may find its surprising as to what fits into this category, did you know that earphones falls under this? Yes it does and i have explained the reason as to why you should not even share above other products include nose and ear hair trimmers, electric razor and electric toothbrush are best purchased new and untouched from your nearest shop or mall.

Fitness bands and smartwatches

Products like Apple watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch($189 from Amazon), the Apple Watch Series 3($148 from Amazon) or even the Smartwatch Y1 Sporty Smart Phone With Sim toolkit Touchscreen Watch (Ksh 1,687 from Jumia Kenya) its better to buy a brand new device since you have no idea how much use the battery has seen as long as you go into the purchase knowing that battery life may be an issue, or there could potentially be scratches and other cosmetic defects, then you’ll be fine. Buyers, just make sure you get a good deal. Sellers, do your best to set expectations with a potential buyer. Take pictures of scratches and dings, and let them know if there’s an issue with battery life.

black smartwatch on box

Small kitchen appliances: Some people love the idea of buying or selling countertop kitchen appliances like toaster ovens, Vitamix blenders and waffle makers. But for buyers and sellers alike, it’s a good idea to consider a few things. For buyers, make sure it’s actually worth the price to buy someone’s used gear — the newer and less used it is, the more likely that the motor and other mechanical parts will last you a long time. But also compare with deals on new equipment.

Sellers, get a handle on those shipping costs, especially for heavier items, like, oh, a KitchenAid mixer. Make sure the math of shipping a large item works out. If you’re selling to a local and can avoid shipping costs, that’s something to consider. 

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