Xbox Series S will launch at $299

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xbos series x

Hours after Microsoft’s Xbox Series S reassure broadly released, the organization has gone on the record to affirm its reality. In a tweet, Microsoft depicts the Series S as offering “cutting edge execution in the littlest Xbox ever” and records the cost as the recently spilled figure of $299. In the UK it’ll cost £249.99.

The going with picture gives a superior gander at the Series S than the first spilled picture, flaunting how flimsy it is and affirming the absence of a circle drive. Similarly as with the spilled symbolism, the Series S is envisioned standing upstanding, however the direction of the Xbox logo proposes it’s required to be all the more ordinarily utilized in a customary level setup.

A cheaper, less powerful and digital-only version of the Xbox Series X has been rumored for over a year, and was known as Project Lockhart. After months of attention concentrated on the Series X and PlayStation 5 — we don’t know the price or release date for either of them — speculation on Project Lockhart was sparked by a developer leak in June.

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