WhatsApp warns Cyber Whatsapp, GB WhatsApp users over account deletion

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WhatsApp, the most popular instant-messaging platform in the world with 2.5 billion monthly users, is not as complete of an app as it could be.

WhatsApp’s popularity means that many people have downloaded and are using this messaging application every day without even knowing what they might be missing out on because there is so much more to do than sending messages with other WhatsApp members

The availability of third-party, modified versions such as WhatsApp Plus and GB Whatsapp have led to the rise in their use.

These apps are seeing more success due to features that they offer on top of what is offered by the official app like enabling users with access to schedule messages or create auto replies; sending a greater number at once ; and also disabling blue ticks for incoming message read receipts while still being able to see if others are reading your outgoing texts.

After receiving a notification that your WhatsApp account has been “temporarily banned,” it may be because you are using an unauthorised version of the app. If after being temporarily blocked, you don’t start using the official version, then your account could become permanently barred from use. This was posted on WhatsApp official blog website.

WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are unofficial apps that have to be downloaded from a third-party site. These sites can’t verify the security practices of these applications, so your phone is exposed to more malware as you download it on Android devices. You need to deactivate certain settings in order for this app downloading process work effectively

How to change to official version of WhatsApp

You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to switch from an unsupported version of WhatsApp to the official app on the WhatsApp website.

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