TECNO has made waves in the industry with their latest release, the Phantom X.

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  • TECNO has made waves in the industry with their latest release, the Phantom X.

The Phantom X is the latest flagship smartphone from TECNO and it will completely redefine our experience with flagships. The company announced that they are proud to introduce their new device, which on paper seems incomparable to any of its previous devices.

The esteemed phone brand has teased us about a few days ago by telling us we should expect something unprecedented for this industry-breaking release coming soon in Nigeria! Well, today we found out what’s next as the CEO unveiled at an amazing launch event held here in Lagos – introducing the world’s first Quad camera system; AR mode that can be used without glasses or accessories; AI driven features such as Smart Scene Recognition & Motion Tracking Detection System and more!

The Phantom X is the perfect blend of style and function, featuring a 3D Borderless screen design alongside an elegant silk glass back cover. We’ve also included industry-leading features like our 50MP Ultra Night camera coupled with our 48MP Ultra Clear selfie for unmatched picture quality in any setting.

The new Phantom X by Tenga offers everything you need from your smartphone without compromising convenience or comfort: With its sleek yet durable construction that includes a combination of high-quality materials such as silky smooth glass on the rear side contrasted against brushed aluminum along both sides, this phone will last longer than ever before; it’s beautiful to look at but even more so when you get behind those stunning cameras.

The new Phantom X is a masterpiece of glass art. It has been designed with the process that makes it elegant and sleek, achieving an everlasting look perfect for any occasion or room in your home. Choose between two colors: Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer which embody their respective times of day to compliment every mood you want to create at home.

The innovative silk glass on this gorgeous piece of work adds just enough elegance while retaining its traditional qualities without being too flashy like some other pieces out there today would be if they had these features as well

The Phantom X camera system is a powerful machine with triple rear and dual front cameras. The 50MP Ultra-Night Camera has two auxiliary sensors, macro and depth, as well as the 48MP Ultra-Clear Selfie Camera. In terms of hardware specs it comes equipped with 2.0Ghz MediaTek Helio G95 chipset alongside 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage to make sure your memorable pictures are stored properly for generations to come!

Not to mention, it comes equipped with a powerful 4700mAh battery that could withstand up to 30 days standby fully charged. Flash charge has become an integral component for high-end smartphones and TECNO acknowledges this with a 33W flash charge that could pump up to 70% in 30 minutes.

I know you’re out there thinking about your holiday memories right now or maybe even some graduation photos from back in college but don’t worry because I have just what you need no matter if they were captured on an iPhone 10s Max or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – the best smartphones this year

TECNO has just released the Phantom X, an innovative new flagship that comes with state-of-the art features. The phone is designed to offer a more immersive experience than ever before and promises to redefine what it means for a smartphone camera to be considered exceptional.

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