Online courses you may learn while you stay at home.

The coronavirus pandemic has sent a lot of people online and working from home I have personally taken advantage of this situation and learned some few skills from online courses that really helped me to grow my business, they say ‘if life gives you lemon make a lemonade’ hence we have to get the best out of this pandemic and grow ourselves.

Ther are some companies out there that offer online courses, for example, Udacity, Skillshare and Udemy I can’t say which one is better than the other since they all offer amazing courses but in this article, i am going to talk about Skillshare and Udacity.


If you are an aspiring developer just like me I recommend that you start off with a free course from Skillshare, yes you hear me right it’s completely free of charge for two months. The other option is that you can sign up with Udacity at a small fee and unlock all the content that they provide. This course specifically teaches you the fundamental required to build a website site from a simple static one to a more dynamic and complex one just like WordPress.

In this cource you will learn about HTML, CSS and even PHP for advance levels please check ou the link below to sign up and learn more.


Animation skills can take you very far in this modern world, there are a lot of entertainment firms and even advertising agencies out there that are searching for animators and artists every day so you may want to learn this course if you are interested there are classes out there that teach you how to animate and even draw cartoons, you can check the course offered by Skillshare and take advantage of the two months free offer that they provide


The skill of photography is getting popular day by day as everyone is want to start a blog website or a Youtube channel this skills com is handy because a lot of news agencies and blog owners are willing to pay a lot of money for high-quality HD photos — websites like Shutterstock acts as a perfect example of a platform that pays photographers for the photos(click here to sign up)

Photography is not only about holding your camera and taking the shot but involves a lot of aspects like lighting aspect and the tone that’s why photography classes come in handy click the link below to start your source today.


Writing of any kind needs to be clear and concise with a strong voice. SkillshareSkillshare can help you take the prose you construct for pay to the next level. They describe their outlook as not one of crass direct-selling but of finding each client’s voice that also happens to draw readers and, potentially, clients. In their introductory page, they offer free ebooks that offer how-to write newsletters that get read and a guide for “Conversion Marketers” to achieve marketable copy.

Online courses

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