Nvidia launches GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 with Ampere

Nvidia has announced its new GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards today. The RTX 3080 is designed to succeed the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti cards with improved performance and ray-tracing support. The company claims can that RTX 3090 can handle 8K/60 frames-per-second gameplay using upscaling in what’s called DLSS 8K mode.

Nvidia is promising big performance with the RTX 3080, up to two times that of the RTX 2080, and faster than even Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti card. The card will ship with 10GB of GDDR6X memory and will be priced at $699 when it ships on September 17th. Nvidia is using 8,704 CUDA cores on the RTX 3080, combined with a 1.71Ghz boost clock.

GeForce RTX 3090 cards will begin to ship on Sept. 24 starting at $1,499, while the RTX 2080 is coming on Sept. 17 starting at $699 and the RTX 3070 in October beginning at $499. 

One of the cool features that the company really focuses on is the cooling system, it shas been sesigned to increase airflow by 55%. Part of this cooling arrangement and flag formed board seems to have prompted some force connector changes, as well. Breaks have recommended Nvidia is moving to a 12-pin connector, and the organization is affirming that today. The 12-pin connector is littler than utilizing two conventional eight-pin connectors, and Nvidia will incorporate a connector that is viable with eight-pin links. Nvidia has picked a 12-nail connector to permit more space to the board for segments and cooling, yet it’s not satisfactory if the organization’s outsider board accomplices will likewise utilize the new 12-pin connector.

Image: Nvidia

Close by the RTX 3080, Nvidia is likewise propelling a less expensive RTX 3070 valued at $499 in October. This will at present be a more fit card than the earlier RTX 2080, at significantly less expense. The presentation knock will likewise put the RTX 3070 easily over the 1080 Ti and 1080 cards for 1440p gaming.

This RTX 3070 card will likewise utilize a comparative cooling answer for the RTX 3080, with Nvidia’s guarantees of improved thermals and a calmer activity. Nvidia’s RTX 3070 will be accessible eventually in October, evaluated at $499. Nvidia is utilizing 5,888 CUDA centers on the RTX 3080, joined with a 1.71Ghz lift clock and 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

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