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I am always on the lookout for a good VPN service. I am not really sure why, but I feel like it’s something that everyone should have access to. It can be used for so many different things, and sometimes you might need some help with figuring out how to use it best. That is where this NordVPN review comes in handy! If you are looking for a new VPN service, then hopefully this will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not NordVPN is right for your needs.

This post reviews one of my favorite VPN services, NordVPN! The company offers great prices and has servers located around the world. Check out our full review below.

NordVPN pros and cons


  • Top-in-class performance
  • Intuitive apps for most devices
  • Solid, independently audited security features
  • Unblocks streaming websites
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Linux client has no graphic interface
  • No router app

Is NordVPN good for streaming?

NordVPN is a very solid VPN choice for streaming – as long as you find the right servers to use. If your internet suffers from slow speeds or limited access, Nord offers unlock all major video platforms including Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video UK & Twitch streams of other games too! It also has SmartPlay technology that helps users get into these geo-blocked services without any trouble at all thanks to its large selection of worldwide servers located in countries with great library options like Canada (my favorite)!

NordVPN is a reliable VPN that you can use for various devices. It works with your Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV if installed onto it, as well as Kodi and Roku because Nord has the proper plugins to give full advantage of its service on these platforms.

Unblocking Netflix with NordVPN

NordVPN is a great choice if you want to stream Netflix from certain countries. The UK and US libraries worked perfectly fine, with no major issues when trying access Japanese Netflix in a notoriously tricky location for VPNs – it was so easy! You can learn more about how this works here: https://www.nordvpnblog/2018/05/ Streaming geo-blocked content abroad just got much easier now that Nord has launched its new servers specifically created especially designed exclusively

NordVPN provides exceptional service at affordable prices (especially considering what else they offer). They are perfect not only for watching TV shows like House Of Cards or Orange Is The New Black but also movies released recently by Hollywood Studios.

Does NordVPN unblock BBC iPlayer, DAZN, or Disney+?

NordVPN also did well when trying to unlock other streaming platforms. But beware – it might take a while for you to find the right location or server.. For instance, BBC iPlayer worked perfectly with high definition content and no stutters; but we had trouble finding one who supported Disney+ (only USA). It was similar story regarding DAZN: Allowed us access without any problems whatsoever – just not at first glance due to geo restrictions imposed by Netflix & Amazon Prime Video respectively.

Unblocking Hulu with NordVPN

NordVPN unblocks Hulu with ease. There were no issues in loading times and video frame rates, so using the service was a very enjoyable experience overall- our highest rated VPN for hulu across all markets! The resolution remained consistent throughout my test – at 1080p (your results will depend on which server you choose).

Unblocking HBO Max with NordVPN

For a lightning-fast, reliable experience with HBO Max streaming from outside the US. NordVPN is one of our top picks and will provide you an excellent TV viewing experience without any hiccups or interruptions

Netflix worked when used in conjunction with Netflix’s rival service -HBO max; The load times were quick even though we were watching on Windows 10 laptop which has terrible internet speeds due to all the buildings around me here at school (Sophmore living). When using these two services simultaneously both video quality as well as buffering rates remained consistent so there was absolutely no stuttering whatsoever throughout my time spent checking out what they had included into their libraries this month.

Plans and pricing

NordVPN has a very straightforward pricing scheme. All of their subscriptions come with the same features and benefits, so you’re getting your money’s worth no matter what tier or subscription length that suits best for you! You can have six simultaneous connections as well which is great even though it might seem like overkill at first glance given how many people there are on average in each household nowadays who use some form of internet connection all day long just from browsing social media sites such as Facebook everyday – not mention streaming videos online during breakfast time before school starts up again after winter break ends (if we’re lucky).

1-month plan$11.95 a month
1-year plan$59 a year (or $4.92 a month)
2-year plan$89 for the first two years (or $3.30 a month)

The longer the plan, the better value. Why? Well if you go for a monthly subscription ($11.95/month) and 8 months in total (including sign-up bonus), by comparison to 24 month NordVPN contract which costs less than that at only $89! The savings are clear when it comes down how much one spends on their internet security – so be sure not miss out this time around.

There are also some excellent options to get this VPN even cheaper – we have a post covering NordVPN coupons that can potentially reduce the price even more.
Also, there is an increased chance of discounts and promotions throughout fall and winter when many people make their holiday shopping lists for online purchases from sites such as Amazon Prime or iTunes Store so it’s worth checking back every day! For example right now you might find Cyber Monday Deals with special offers on all kinds of things including discounted plans at _ (name your favorite provider). Make sure not miss out because these great deals won’t be around forever!”

Can you get NordVPN for free?

Do you want to get NordVPN for free? Using our 7-day trial, all of your devices will be protected with a single account. The process is easy! Download the app on any Android device and make sure that it’s not already linked to another VPN service or account before downloading. You can even start using Nord VPN again after finishing the full 30 days – simply sign back in when done using other services/products like Netflix etc., download nordvpn premium apk file , install & enter email address associatedails if necessary . Once everything has been validated just hit Start Free Trial button completed successfully.

NordVPN is a top-notch VPN that offers reliable, military grade encryption for all of your devices. Nord has an easy to use app with handy features like ad blocking and port forwarding so you can stay protected on any device no matter where life takes you! Plus they have FREE TRIAL periods which gives users plenty of time decide if this service will work best in their networking needs before committing financially – at least 37 days with the 30 day money back guarantee still available after trial ends.

NordVPN servers and locations

NordVPN, the world’s largest VPN service provider with 5261 servers in 60 countries. Nord scores high coverage across Asia and Europe which are two of their most profitable regions nowadays while still maintaining great uptime rates for North America customers who have accounts dating back to when they had just 4k+ total locations
Nord is not done growing though! The company currently offers access at least one more time Zone than any other competitor due to its commitment towards providing you maximum privacy no matter where your browsing takes place.

RegionsNumber of countriesNumber of servers
Europe37 countries~2100 servers
Asia13 countries~450 servers
Americas7 countries~2400 servers
Rest of world3 countries~200 servers

I’ve spoken with a NordVPN support agent, and they confirmed that the service does work in China. However, to use their client software on most operating systems you’ll need help from another computer so connecting isn’t possible while traveling there yourself or if other people are using your device (such as family members). The process is lengthy but only consists of installing configuration files – here’s our guide for setting up NordVPN when visiting China.

Speed and performance: Is NordVPN fast?

  • Baseline: 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload
LocationDownload speed (Mbps)Upload speed (Mbps)
US (NY)26864

NordVPN provides lightning-fast speeds. NordLynx is the only registered protocol that had any drops in Argentina and Australia, but even then it was still able to retain most of your original connection speed! For an average all around world download test with several different countries included – here’s what you’ll find: 79% preserved for those who are worried about losing data due to distance limitations or lower quality connections offered by their network providers (elderly residents often face blocked websites).

NordVPN performance with other protocols

NordVPN offers more than just its own NordLynx protocol and can work with a wide range of tunneling protocols. The speeds you receive may vary depending on which one is used, but we recommend using IKEv2 or L2TP/IPSec if possible as they offer the best performance for streaming videos in HD quality without buffering.

The numbers depicted are the average download and upload speeds across 10 different locations:

  • NordLynx: 248.7/126.7
  • IKEv2: 237.8/55.8
  • OpenVPN (TCP): 36/28
  • OpenVPN (UDP): 212.6/74.6

The NordLynx IKEv2 download speed is close to OpenVPN TCP’s but worse uploads. Latency in Argentina was 99% lower with this protocol, while Latvia had an average of 7%. Even though it doesn’t seem impressive at all when looking across the board – that is pretty much standard for VPN protocols today! UDP versions are faster than their TCP counterparts due only 3% reduction overall
The older encryption standards have higher speeds even though they may be slower individually; so again there are still uses cases where these old technologies might come into play if you need lower amounts or shorter key lengths (less data being transferred).

Nord lynx has the luxury of being able to offer a download speed reduction as low at 13%. However, IKEv2 and OpenVPN TCP will be slower than their UDP counterparts further away from your router. Keep this in mind if you plan on uploading large files that take up space or require an upload bandwidth for keeping them safe while traveling abroad with only one connection available
In general VPN providers should make every effort possible not just because it’s good customer service but also protection against potential security risks when online transactions aren’t secure enough using credit card numbers etc..

ProtocolSpeedSecurityConnection stability
NordLynxHighest 🏆HighMedium
OpenVPN (TCP)LowHighHigh
OpenVPN (UDP)HighHighMedium

NordVPN is a fast internet provider. If you’re browsing from an location that’s not too far off, your connection will barely even notice the VPN and continue on as if nothing happened! But what about locations further away? There can sometimes be speed drops for this reason – but thankfully with NordLynx tunneling protocol it becomes much less noticeable than before. Even so, there are many more options available in order to ensure loading times aren’t sluggish or long-lasting videos don’t buffer constantly while using their service; all these tools come free of charge at any time without interruption.

Interface and ease of use

WindowsBy far the best NordVPN experience
macOSTwo app versions with different features
LinuxNo graphical app, only terminal solution
MobileSimilar, solid apps on Android and iOS
BrowserGood options for Firefox and Chrome

NordVPN is a great option for those who want to protect themselves online. Nord VPN offers manual setup options, as well as IKEv2 and OpenVPN enabled routers or distributed apps that can be installed on different devices like smartphones, tablets PC/Macs etc., across multiple platforms inclluding browsers extensions!


NordVPN is a provider of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services that supports Linux. However, only downloaded packages can be used – there’s no online or downloadable user-friendly graphical application for Nord VPN users who use this operating system on their computers. Instead they have to set up everything with OpenVPN Stack using command line terminal if it so wishes; which may not sound too appealing when compared against Windows and macOS platforms where you get both options available right away.

When it’s enabled, the app thinks that my subscription has expired, and doesn’t allow me to connect, redirecting me to their order page. At other times, the app was a bit slow when responding to commands.

NordVPN mobile apps

The UI is much alike across both platforms. The map and country list feeds serve as a hybrid for selecting servers, with identical icons in each corner that allow access to settings or notifications too. iOS has one exclusive feature: favorites tab below recent connections; however there’s no way turn off the kill switch on either device (though Android does let you choose whether it should be enabled). Dark Web Monitoring also only available through IOS at this time because of its native capabilities–no such thing exists outside Apple products yet.

Android is a pretty innovative operating system that offers more protection than its competitors. Android has split tunneling, which allows you to choose between your preferred protocols for data encryption: IKEv2 or OpenVPN (TCP/UDP). One thing it doesn’t have but iOS does? That would be the NordLynx VPN service app – one of their suite apps passed ioXt certification and shows compliance with highest standards in security.

NordVPN is a great app for iOS users, given its restrictive policies. The developers have thoughtfully implemented features that can get Nord VPN clients through even when things go wrong with Apple’s rules and regulations – such as split tunneling or customizable kill switch settings on your device! Android smartphones still come out ahead due to their ability simply by default:

Android has an “Always-On” Data Roaming policy which means you don’t need any extra steps in order not waste money while traveling abroad; OSX does offer some functionality like Split Tunneling but cannot beat having everything built right into one bill (users will probably know more than us here).

NordVPN features 

Since its initial release in 2012, NordVPN has been stepping up its game pretty rapidly, releasing new updates every single year. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights in how NordVPN has changed as it grew.


NordVPN SmartPlay is a special feature for bypassing streaming media blocks, letting you seamlessly access your favorite entertainment wherever it’s available. It automatically kicks in when using Nord VPN and trying to watch Hulu or other sites that block outsiders but allow local connections like HBO Now within their network! With this technology at hand on most devices with internet connectivity there are two methods of getting around geo-blocks: one by simply changing the device’s DNS settings which allows accessing blocked content without an app; another option would be through setting up strong encryption profiles so hackers can never see anything they shouldn’t know about (i
It works best if both options.

Specialty servers

NordVPN is the best choice for those looking to use a VPN in specific cases. They offer specialty servers that are tailored specifically for your needs, so you’ll get an excellent experience with them no matter what it is exactly that interests you.

Dedicated IP servers – these will be reserved for those who have purchased a static IP. When connected, your IP will always remain the same. This may be useful if you’re not that concerned about staying anonymous and have other use cases. They’re only available with OpenVPN either in UDP or TCP mode.

Double VPN servers – combines two VPN servers to make a VPN-VPN connection. So, to reach your intended destination, your data passes through two of their servers for maximum privacy. It can be used with OpenVPN either in UDP or TCP mode.

Obfuscated servers – useful only in extreme censorship cases, these servers scramble your VPN traffic to look like regular HTTPS. Governments that limit VPN usage sometimes rely on traffic analysis to block VPNs. Obfuscated servers solve this problem by fooling such analysis methods.

P2P servers – optimized for P2P traffic and best used when downloading files using torrents. However, they are great for any type of P2P traffic.

Onion over VPN servers – these servers combine the Tor network with VPN to create a VPN-Tor connection. Your traffic passes through the VPN server and then goes through (at least) 3 Tor nodes. This adds a layer of misdirection, making it harder to trace any online activity back to you.

Dark Web Monitor

Some say that the dark web is where horror stories go to die. But if you think about it, there are many places on earth with murder and mayhem-the deep sea floor, below ground in warzones around world…The list goes on! So why not your email account? That’s right; this spooky sounding feature warns us of our own personal data vulnerabilities by checking pastebins (a type internet service) for any info associated with username@gmailaddress. If Nord VPN senses anything amiss—like an outlawed marketplace listing “entertainer X” as having been hacked last week–it will let users know immediately so they can protect themselves before too late.

Pausing and auto-connect

NordVPN offers an auto-connect feature that saves you time when connecting to the internet. ThePKboy mentions this in his article about VPNs, saying it’s “a lifesaver” and will be useful for many people who use their devices often or need them on at all times.” This functionality also comes with a pause function so users know how much data they’re using while connected – great if one forgets about setting up Nord before going into work.

Kill switch

NordVPN has a system-wide kill switch, and an app kill switch. This is excellent as it can make the world of difference for those who wish to remain anonymous while trying not get exposed by their Internet connection dropping unexpectedly.

The Internet Kill Switch will disable all your internet access if the client detects you’re not connected to a VPN. The App kill switch only affects one app – imagine that instead of using P2P torrenting, for example (which would be risky without protection), you were streaming video files through µTorrent or similar program and wanted nothing leaking out about how much data is being transferred outside its own approved network connection(s). In this case we could turn off just those parts related specifically with peer-tooth protocols so as not give away too much information when downloading movies/TV shows etc., which might ruin things like quality playback experience depending on device type used.

If you’re looking for a kill switch that will work on all platforms, then the system-wide option is for you. It won’t show up as an icon but it does its job when your connection drops and cuts off any data being sent through to our server so we can take care of things from there!

Is NordVPN safe and secure

When it comes to safety and security, NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers out there. They offer military grade encryption with secure tunneling protocols so you can feel safer about your data while connecting remotely from anywhere in the world as if you were browsing normally on an internet cafe without any lag time or disconnections due to network issues like congestion at peak times which often happen when using free WiFi hotspots around town – not always available 24/7 even though they advertise this feature clearly enough where many users may be inclined believe otherwise! This also means that all activity carried out inside their encrypted tunnels will remain private no matter who sees what because onlyRandom pairs within each server instance get swapped between client.


NordVPN is the most secure VPN in terms of privacy. It offers advanced encryption and protocol technologies that ensure your personal data remains safe from hackers or government surveillance, no matter where you are located. Nord’s strict zero logging policy also means they’re never required to store any usage logs on their servers for specified periods under court order; if anything happened relating an invalid request (such as when warrants were served), then there would be nothing left but dust!
Nord Security was founded by entrepreneurs looking

Their privacy policy states:

Nord guarantees a strict no-logs policy for NordVPN Services, meaning that your internet activity while using NordVPN Services is not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

Is NordVPN any good and worth getting?

NordVPN is a VPN that makes it clear how they protect your data and keep you anonymous online. They have an excellent privacy policy with audit reports to back up their claims, which means there’s no chance of falling prey to any hidden tricks or scams in this service! With Nordvpn speeds as fast as ever thanks also encryption capabilities like few others out on the market today – making them an easy recommendation even if one has longer subscription plans.

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