KRA commissioner Salary Scale.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is a top-paying government agency that creates job opportunities for thousands of Kenyans every year. The overall mission statement at this company: assess, collect and account for all taxes in accordance with written laws – including those passed on income or profits earned by individuals from business transactions conducted within our borders; while also ensuring equitable enforcement across different regions where they operate.
The employees here get paid depending upon what position one holds as well how qualified one may be regarding skillsets needed during their role inside KRA’s organization.

KRA employees earn a reasonable amount of money per month, but on an average they make around Ksh 70 thousand. Here are some statistics and calculations about what this means for you as someone who wants or needs a job at the Kenya Review Authority (KRA).
A fair example would be that if your position requires 40 hours weekly work with one day off every two weeks then it’s estimated that within these 120 days during which time all necessary tasks need completing, oversights should not take up more than 20%. In other words: 80 hours must remain available in order allow ample opportunity to catch any potential errors before publication deadlines approach!

  • KRA Interns (internship/trainee)

Average Salary: KES 15,000/mo

  • KRA Officer

Average Salary: KES 90,000/mo

  • KRA Revenue Officer

Average Salary: KES 87,000/mo

  • KRA Industrial Attachment (internship/trainee)

Average Salary: KES 7,000/mo

  • KRA Finance (Internship/tranee)

Average Salary: KES 14,000 – KES 16,000/mo

  • KRA Security Officer

Average Salary: KES 24,000 – KES 31,000/mo

  • KRA Accountant

Average Salary: KES 52,000 – KES 93,000/mo

  • KRA Assistant Manager

Average Salary: KES 130,000 – KES 229,000/mo

  • KRA Finance Manager

Average Salary: KES 51,000 – KES 56,000/mo

  • KRA Procurement Specialist

Average Salary: KES 97,000 – KES 104,000/mo

  • KRA Business Analyst

Average Salary: KES 72,000 – KES 77,000/mo

  • KRA Tax Expert

Average Salary: KES 143,000 – KES 156,000/mo

  • KRA Data Analyst

Average Salary: KES 685,000 – KES 753,000/yr

  • KRA Graduate Electrical Engineer (internship/trainee)

Average Salary: KES 15,000/mo

  • KRA Risk Manager

Average Salary: KES 950,000 – KES 1 Million/yr

  • KRA Administrator

Average Salary: KES 95,000 – KES 103,000/mo

  • KRA Assistant Marketing Manager

Average Salary: KES 210,000 – KES 230,000/mo

  • KRA Property Officer

Average Salary: KES 95,000 – KES 102,000/mo

  • KRA Customer Service Officer

Average Salary: KES 49,000 – KES 53,000/mo

  • KRA Data Entry Operator

Average Salary: KES 29,000 – KES 31,000/mo

  • KRA IT Analyst

Average Salary: KES 290,000 – KES 311,000/mo

  • KRA Clerk

Average Salary: KES 43,000 – KES 50,000/mo

  • KRA Tax Manager

Average Salary: KES 7 Million/yr

  • KRA Chief Manager, Customs and Border Control, Kenya Revenue Authority

Average Salary: KES 532,000 – KES 573,000/mo

  • KRA Research and Innovation

Average Salary: KES 13,000 – KES 16,000/mo

  • KRA ICT Officer

Average Salary: KES 14,000 – KES 16,000/m mo

  • KRA Assistant Manager

Average Salary: KES 29,000 – KES 33,000

  • KRA ICT Technician

Average Salary: KES 86,000 – KES 93,000/mo

  • KRA Cyber Security Analyst

Average Salary: KES 82,000 – KES 89,000/mo

  • KRA ICT Manager

Average Salary: KES 290,000 – KES 315,000/mo

  • KRA Lawyers

Average Salary: KES 190,000 – KES 210,000/mo

  • KRA Online Content Writer

Average Salary: KES 286 – KES 310/hr

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