Kamala Harris and other VIPs are right to be concerned about Bluetooth security

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The vice president has long sported wired earphones, appearing on the campaign trail and in media appearances with technology that is increasingly becoming passe. Three of her former aides now tell Politico’s West Wing Playbook Kamala won’t upgrade to Bluetooth-connected buds because she’s concerned about security for such a sensitive device (a possible hacker exploit).

Harris is a stickler for procedure and protocol. His aides say that he always has been, dating back to his time as attorney general of California before becoming lieutenant governor then Governor; they attribute this trait in part to how Harris got through law school during segregated America because there were no black students at the University Of California campus where classes took place while construction crews worked around them fixing up buildings ready for education after World War II had ended.. They said it’s common practice not only among politicians but also business owners such-as lawyers or accountants who value what could happen if things aren’t done properly – something which might be especially true now following recent scandals involving Clinton family emails being hacked

Bluetooth is a great way to wirelessly share data with your friends, but it might not be the best choice for high-profile politicians and other VIPs. Cybersecurity experts say that there have been successful attacks on Bluetooth connections which allowed cybercriminals take control of devices using these wireless networks in order make malicious changes without being noticed by victims’ owners or anyone else monitoring them remotely like security cameras would catch anything said near microphones used during phone calls while at home before bedtime.

Cybersecurity researchers use Bluetooth to exploit security vulnerabilities on some phones and extract information, including corporate credentials. Cruder attacks require the user has been monitored through their device’s broadcasting of a Bluetooth signal that can be used by thieves as an opportunity for breaking into cars with broken windows or grabbing any electronic devices hidden inside – all in order grab what they are looking for!

People are always on their smartphones, even when they should be careful. It’s a habit that can put you in danger if not cautious! For instance the vice president of America has been hacked from up close with Bluetooth devices and it’s quite easy for an attacker to get 30 feet away without detection because most people don’t usually take security measures like turning off connections or using different passwords across various services which could lead them into something dangerous online – unless one knows about these precautions ahead time though; thankfully there is still much hope through education so we’ll keep doing what needs do best: teaching others how.

It’s easy to think that your personal and professional life are separate entities. But those who keep their work data on the same device might want be more careful since they’re at greater risk of having sensitive conversations monitored by a third party, says Dr. Kent Miller from Stetson University College Of Law in Florida
Most people would never consider this type-of scenario but it is possible if you have important medical or legal discussions with someone like an attorney while also utilizing services such as emails where professionals discuss ongoing cases over email correspondence between themselves regarding clients’ information

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