How to get 10 free high-quality resolution stock photos.

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You are probably running a blog or a news agency website one of the major problems people like us face is the unavailability of high-quality resolution photos that can be found only from websites such as Shutterstock. Studies show that clean photos increase your webpage SEO.

Using Images to Enhance Your SEO

Google clearly believes that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Rather than telling users exactly what your sign looks like with two paragraphs of copy, just take a great picture! By adding articles to your self storage website, you’ll be able to illustrate your content and provide helpful visuals to users.

However, search engine bots can’t “see” images – they rely on the image’s file name, captions, alt text, and title texts. You’ll also need to ensure that your images are the right file size, responsive, and scalable so that your website still loads quickly on any device.

When adding images to your self storage website, take these factors into account:

  • Images should pertain directly to the content on your site. This sounds pretty straightforward, but gearing your visual content toward the written content on your website is important. For example, if your content discusses the benefits of your climate-controlled units, then providing a picture of those units would be ideal.
  • Write and include alt text descriptions and image title tags. Alt text description and title tags are designed for the visually impaired, providing a brief sketch of your images that can be read out by a program. They are also crawled by search engine bots and are therefore important to helping your site’s ranking. But don’t stuff your tags with keywords – just describe the image the same way you would describe it someone who can’t see it.
  • Use smart file names. Don’t forget to name your images something that pertains to the image or your website. For example, if your image is a picture of your climate controlled storage building, it should be clear in the file name – that means renaming files that are a jibberish of letters and numbers, like “DSC9120,” to something that describes the picture’s main subject, like “climate-controlled-building.”
  • Work with web experts. Knowing that file size, page load times, and responsive design is important to SEO is not enough – you’ve got to be able to apply this knowledge to your site. By working with an expert web marketing team, you’ll be able to add high-quality images to your site in a way that keeps your website functional and fast for users on all devices.
  • Including images is always better than no images at all. You certainly want to add the best quality images on your website as possible, but if you don’t have a high-resolution camera or the money to pay a photographer, then uploading images from your phone or a basic camera is more valuable than not including images on your site.

How can I get the free 10 high resolution photos?

Its quite simple click this link to go to Shutterstock website

Then click on start your free trial button at the bottom of the slider.

Then write your email adress and set the password, after which you will be directed to the billing page which YOU WILL BE CHARGED NOTHING, and you are good to go.

Enjoy the free 10 stock photos!

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