Google discontinues it’s Google Home Max speakers.

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Google is done assembling the Google Home Max, its savvy speaker planned in light of excellent sound, and it has sold out of the item on the Google Store, the organization discloses to The Verge. Also, undoubtedly, on the off chance that you check the Google Home Max page on the Google Store, you’ll see that the white and dark models are recorded as unavailable

Even though Google is discontinuing the Google Home Max, the company still plans to support it with software updates and security fixes. “Existing Google Home Max users shouldn’t worry as they won’t see any change in their service,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “We’ll continue to offer software updates and security fixes to Google Home Max devices. We’re committed to delivering great sound and whole home audio features across all of our Assistant-enabled products.”

The Google Home Max launched in December 2017 for $399. In his review, Dan Seifert found that the Google Home Max sounded good on its own, but wasn’t quite as nice as Sonos’ similar Play:5. Google’s newest smart speaker is the Nest Audio, which it launched in October. The Nest Audio costs $99.99.

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