China Mars rover Zhurong makes historic landing

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Touchdown affirmed. China has become the third country in mankind’s set of experiences to securely arrive on the outside of Mars – on its first endeavor.

The Tianwen-1 rocket, which had been circling Mars since February, delivered a protected container to the outside of the red planet on Friday evening. Contained inside was the wanderer Zhurong, lashed to the rear of an arrival vehicle that will send the meanderer to the surface in the coming hours.

Given the wanderer moves off its lander with no difficulty, China will follow the US and become only the subsequent country to have a meanderer traverse the Martian surface.

The shuttle’s planned landing time, as per Chinese space watchers, was 4:11 p.m. PT.

There may’ve been festivities and high-fives traded in CNSA’s central goal control, yet the hoots or hollers we’re acclimated with seeing during NASA arrivals weren’t broadcast live. All things being equal, novice stargazers tuned in out for the obvious radio signs being radiated back to Earth from the shuttle to attempt to recognize how the mission was continuing.

Chinese state media affirmed the arrival at 5:38 p.m. PT on Friday.

Zhurong arrived in Utopia Planitia, one of Mars’ biggest effect pits. NASA’s ancient Viking 2 shuttle arrived in a similar cavity in 1976. Perfect world Planitia is required to house a reserve of underground ice and may have whenever been covered by a Martian sea. Where there was once water, there may have been life. Zhurong, similar to NASA’s Perseverance, will investigate the area and quest for indications of previous existence.

“Together with the global science community, I look forward to the important contributions this mission will make to humanity’s understanding of the red planet,” tweeted Thomas Zurbuchen, associate director of NASA’s science mission directorate, on Friday.

The last 10 months have been busy for Martian exploration. 

Three spacecraft, including Tianwen-1, launched to Mars in July 2020, taking advantage of Earth’s proximity to the red planet. The United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter, which will survey Mars’ atmosphere from space, inserted itself into orbit in February. Not long after, NASA’s now-famous rolling rover, Perseverance, and its history-making flying companion Ingenuity, reached the surface of Mars, landing in an ancient lakebed that may once have been home to Martian life.

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