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apple event

Twitter was taken by storm with the new hashtag #appleevent and people were excited. The hashtag is accompanied by an apple emoji and is to run until 28th September 2020.

The online event is set to be on 15th September and it will take place on the Apple park in Silicon Valley. Normally, Apple announces new iPhones in September, but this year, there have been rumors of the phones being delayed. Instead, the event’s tagline, “Time Flies,” suggests we’re looking at a new Apple Watch.

This means that Apple is going to release some products including the anticipated iphone 12 and the latest apple watch series what else will they release? Well lets wait and find out

Tech Youtubers like Marques twitted

According to Jane Manchun Wong’s Hashflag Browser, the Apple logo was added to the hashtag earlier today and will be active through Monday, September 28. While nothing is for certain, this expiration date could suggest that Apple plans to host its fall event at some point in September, rather than in the second half of October as previously rumored.

Twitter allows brands to add custom emojis next to hashtags as a marketing strategy. According to Agency Creative, these “hashflags” can cost upwards of one million dollars, and they’re commonly seen for large events like the Super Bowl or holidays. The file name for Apple’s hashflag is AppleEvent2020.png.

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