Amazon One lets you pay at stores by scanning your palm, that’s it.

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Imagine going into a store or supermarket then instead of waiting for a long queue you just have to pass through a hand scanner and your account will be charged automatically. Yep that’s not only in movies but in real life also, has introduced a very incredible technology that will let people use its latest biometric tech — dubbed Amazon One — to enter two Amazon Go locations in Seattle. 

“Amazon One is a fast, convenient, contactless way for people to use their palm to make everyday activities like paying at a store, presenting a loyalty card, entering a location like a stadium, or badging into work more effortless,” Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, said Tuesday in a blog post. “The service is designed to be highly secure and uses custom-built algorithms and hardware to create a person’s unique palm signature.”

Individuals can sign up for Amazon One at one of the organization’s Amazon Go stores. Amazon said the cycle – which includes drifting your hand over an Amazon One gadget – takes not exactly a moment and it’ll relate an individual’s charge card with their palm signature. Individuals can select with only one palm or both. When joined, individuals can hold their palm over an Amazon One gadget to enter the Amazon Go stores.

Amazon said it intends to grow the innovation at its own stores in the coming months and furthermore plans to offer Amazon One to outsiders like retail locales, arenas and places of business.

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