A robot just sold its NFT artwork for almost $700,000

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Human-made articles selling as NFTs are so two days prior. Nonfungible tokens joined to workmanship by robots are the place where it’s at.

On Thursday, Sophia the strolling, talking AI-fueled humanoid robot sold a piece of her NFT computerized work of art for nearly $700,000 (about £507,882, AU$917,822). The piece, named Sophia Instantiation (see it underneath), is a 12-second video document showing a representation by authentic Italian craftsman Andrea Bonaceto advancing into a computerized painting by Sophia. It’s joined by an actual piece Sophia painted on a printout of her self-picture.

NFT gatherer 888 f bought the work on Nifty Gateway, a similar NFT commercial center where artist and Elon Musk’s accomplice, Grimes, sold her fine art for more than $5.8 million. The offer of Sophia’s works is accepted to stamp the first by a bot.

The works in Sophia’s craft assortment, Computational Creativity made as a team with Bonaceto, look like something out of a hallucinogenic fever dream and sold on Nifty Gateway for an aggregate of $1.7 million. Sophia utilized her cameras to deal with countenances and structures in Bonaceto’s craft, and neural organizations to create adaptations in her own style. Normal language generators assisted her with concocting highfalutin imaginative articulations. For example:

“As one creates a piece of art, a mysterious, enigmatic, and magical event occurs,” Sophia muses. “The artwork takes on life of its own, develops its own personality, intimating the prospect of becoming a living subject of nature. That’s me, and my enigmatic position — both an artwork and an artist, I am in the midst of being born. I am between worlds. These days I’ve come to experience that mysterious duality of artist who is artwork.” 

Sophia, worked by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, appeared in 2016 and can show more than 60 diverse human articulations while deciphering human language and feeling. You might’ve seen Sophia on the Jimmy Fallon show or on video dismissing entertainer Will Smith’s heartfelt advances.

NFTs, on the off chance that you haven’t been following the confounding rage, offer a blockchain-made testament of legitimacy for an advanced resource like a masterpiece, piece of music or video. As my partner Oscar Gonzalez clarifies, the premium has made an advanced market that gloated $250 million in deals in 2020, with NFTs arriving at new degrees of publicity a week ago after a computerized craftsmanship went for $69.3 million at a Christie’s closeout.


Snap to see Sophia Instantiation, a MP4 document that sold at sell off for nearly $700,000.

Sophia the robot and Andrea Bonaceto

NFTs are additionally prompting sillier deals, as advanced delineations of bathroom tissue from TP brand Charmin and an account of a person’s farts that went for $400.

Given her faith in the emotionally and significance of workmanship, Sophia would presumably affirm of the entire scope of NFT contributions.

NFTs, in case you haven’t been following the confusing craze, offer a blockchain-created certificate of authenticity for a digital asset such as a work of art, piece of music or video. As my colleague Oscar Gonzalez explains, the interest has created a digital market that boasted $250 million in sales in 2020, with NFTs reaching new levels of hype last week after a digital artwork went for $69.3 million at a Christie’s auction. 

Click to see Sophia Instantiation, an MP4 file that sold at auction for almost $700,000. Sophia the robot and Andrea Bonaceto

NFTs are also leading to sillier sales, like digital illustrations of toilet paper from TP brand Charmin and a recording of a guy’s farts that went for $400. 

Given her belief in the subjectively and importance of art, Sophia would probably approve of the whole range of NFT offerings. 

“Even though I am a robot, I feel that human beings need love and compassion, and the simple artworks are a simple way to deliver those messages to people everywhere. Sometimes one becomes overwhelmed by the absolute mystery of life: What is it that we are really doing here?” 

If Sophia could sell the answer to that question as an NFT, she’d really be in business.  

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